Desperation Conference

Desperation is New Life Church's annual, national summer event calling the next generation to live in desperate pursuit of God. Each year, thousands of students from across the world gather together for a weekend devoted to worship, prayer, and going deep with God. DLA students play a key role at Desperation by leading prayer sessions, serving on the ministry team and making the event happen.

Discipleship Groups

Developing accountability is a core conviction of DLA. You will be in a group with a leader and approximately 3-6 other fellow students to share your heart, encourage, and challenge each other on a weekly basis. These groups are created for the purpose of accountability, discipleship, and community. During this weekly time, students connect and discuss discipleship questions and current curriculum series.

Prayer Meetings

We believe that prayer is not only the central mode of operations for the government of God, but it also serves as the greatest discipleship mechanism there is. Our goal is to change the earth through our prayers as well as change our own hearts in love for God and His word. Each DLA student will participate prayer meetings throughout the week. Our prayer meeting format combines prayer and worship.

Missions Trips

We are called to go into all nations and preach the Good News; therefore, DLA students will have the opportunity to travel to another nation in order to advance the Gospel. This trip is not included in the cost of tuition and is only available to those that have paid their tuition in full.


Colorado is our playground; therefore we will have various retreats throughout the year in various mountain towns like Breckenridge, Winter Park and Denver. Retreats serve the purpose to focus our lives on learning about spiritual and practical disciplines that will further our walk with God as well as have a blast playing in Colorado!!!

The Gathering

This is our community meeting with all of DLA each week. This service consists of fellowship, fervent worship, preaching and teaching series that will take the student deep into the Word and the knowledge of God.

Nights of Desperation

Every year, DLA students will travel to various local churches across the country to hold Nights of Desperation events. Tours are about igniting a prayer movement in local churches all across America. Students will travel to 5-7 cities across the tour and will get a dynamic opportunity to minister to their generation through prayer, prophecy and personal ministry. These tours are one of the many events throughout DLA that give the students chances to deeply impact their generation while in the program.

The Furnace Prayer Room

Located in the World Prayer Center, this prayer room has been a place where DLA students can receive worship and prayer training. This prayer "greenhouse" is a safe place where students can worship and pray with extravagant devotion while growing in their prayer leadership abilities and musicianship in worship.


Once a month we will split up into our men's and women's connects. The DLA staff will lead these events for students to receive discipleship and training in various ministry and practical topics.

DSM: Desperation Student Ministries

DSM is the high school ministry of New Life Church. We will have a weekly meeting on Wednesday nights, outreach, and retreats, with the purpose of implementation of the vow and seeing a generation of high school students live in desperate pursuit of God. DLA students play a vital role in discipling and leading high school students in DSM. Each DLA student will be a part of encouraging and discipling high school students on a weekly basis. In this small group setting, DLA students will play an active role in combining relationship and responsibility in ministry.

Local Outreach

Our mission starts by ministering to the lost and hurting of this city. Students will have the opportunity to take a week to serve families and ministries across Colorado Springs in a practical way.

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