Brad Baker

Executive Pastor and Dean

David Martin

Pastor and National Director

Aaron Olson

Pastor and Conference Director

Jeni Mason

Director of Discipleship and Student Life

Kasie Massey

Director of Admissions

Kassandra Anderson


Shelby Contreras

Administrative Assistant

Jacob Northrop

Conference Administrative Assistant


DLA A-Staff (3rd Year Students)

Tabitha Williams

School of Worship

Coke Capshaw

School of Ministry

Danny Laguna

School of Worship

Collin McClendon

School of Worship

DLA Faculty and Adjunct Faculty

Senior Pastor/Elder Brady Boyd (SOM and Intensive)
Senior Executive Pastor/Elder Garvin McCarrell (SOM and Intensive)
Associate Senior Pastor Daniel Grothe (SOM)
Associate Senior Pastor/Elder Glenn Packiam (SOW)
Dr. Michelle Anthony (SOM and Intensive)
Executive Stephanie Henderson (SOW and SOM)
Dr. Pete Sanchez (SOW)
Dr. Joe Kirkendall (SOM)
Executive Pastor Riaan Haines (SOMJ and Intensive)
Executive Pastor David Grothe (SOW and SOM)
Pastor David Martin (SOM and Intensive)
Dr. Michael Anthony (SOM and Intensive)
Executive Pastor/Elder Brian Newburg (SOMP and Intensive)
Executive Pastor Jon Plotner (SOM and Intensive)
Elder Larry Yonker (SOMJ and SOMP)
Elder Scott Palmer (SOMP and Intensive)
Elder Sam Cameron (SOMP and Intensive)
Elder Tim Middlebrook (SOMJ and Intensive)
Pastor Jon Egan (SOW)
Pastor Matthew Fallentine (SOW)
Pastor Jason Jackson (Intensive)
Pastor Evan Reedall (SOM)
Pastor Gabe Jenkins (SOM)
Pastor Lance Coles (SOM)
Pastor Jeff Kozyra (SOM and Intensive)
Pastor Damon Bailey (SOM)

Pastor Josh Caldwell (SOM)
Pastor Christian Leal (SOM and Intensive)
Pastor Beth Vaccaro (SOM and Intensive)
Denise Learie (SOMP and Intensive)
Yvette Maher (SOMP and SOM)
Matthew Ayers (SOMJ and Intensive)
Amber Ayers (SOMJ)
Melissa Baker (SOMJ)
Steve Merkel (SOW)
Kelly Morgan (SOMP and Intensive)
James Guerra (Intensive)
Sean McCarthy (Intensive)
David Samuel (Intensive)
Adam Meleski (Intensive)
Scott LeBeau (Intensive)
Jared Newman (Intensive)
Holly Newman (SOM and Intensive)
Mindy Lindscomb (SOMP)
Stu Davis (SOMJ and Intensive)
Abby Burley (SOW)
Danny Laguna (SOW)
Collin McClendon (SOW)
Tyler Cuchiara (SOW)
Aaron Wilson (SOW)

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