Health Insurance

All students must have health insurance for the duration of the academy. Students may remain on their parent's health insurance or have an individual policy. We have a letter we can send you for your insurance company providing the information that they are in a full time academy. This will suffice for some insurance companies, but not all. DLA students are not considered full time students in an accredited institution unless they are taking The King's University credit. If the student plans to receive credit for their classes, then students can remain on their parent's policy.


Students are required to bring laptop computers in order to carry out assignments and ministry placement tasks.

Cell Phones

Students are required to have a cell phone. Text messaging is required.


Students are required to provide their own toiletries for their time in the academy.


Students are required to provide their own fuel. If carpooling with another student, they are required to help cover other student's expenses.

Car and Auto Insurance

Students are required to have a vehicle in good working order covered by insurance while in the academy.

Food Money

Currently, DLA does not have an option to provide food for the students. You will need to plan to have spending money for food to have at your apartment and/or eating out.

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