If you have questions not addressed on this page please don’t hesitate to contact Kasie Massey: KMassey@newlifechurch.org

What is the difference between the School of Worship, School of Media, and School of Ministry?

All students spend time in prayer, attend the same college-level theology classes, and take part in all of the same retreats, tours, trips and mission outings. The schools differentiate the students area of ministry focus. This ministry practicum takes place in the afternoon and gives our students daily hands-on ministry training in their highlighted area.

Can parents visit while the student is in DLA?

We invite parents to be involved in what God is doing with students during their year at DLA. We welcome you to visit any time and take part in their year of transformation.

If my student takes a year before going to college, is that okay?

We recognize your concerns; the time a student spends at DLA will not only prepare them for the future through personal development, but they will have a clear vision for the calling God has for them. They will walk into college with purpose and direction as opposed to changing majors multiple times.

How many students attend DLA?

DLA is home to between 40-70 students depending on the year.

Why are there rules like "no dating"?

The structure of DLA is designed to create an atmosphere of radical growth. All of the rules and structures are established with this purpose in mind and are intended to help each student develop into a leader in passionate pursuit of God. Some of the rules, such as "no dating," are guidelines set up to help first year students focus completely on God and avoid distractions in their pursuit of growth.

What is DLA's belief about the Bible?

New Life Church and DLA believe the Bible to be the inspired, only infallible, authoritative Word of God. We believe that there is one God eternally existent in three persons: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe in the deity of Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, and in His personal return in power and glory. We believe in the resurrection of the saved to eternal life, and the everlasting punishment of those who have rejected God's forgiveness in His Son. We strive to achieve greater unity in all that we do within the Body of Christ.

Is DLA accredited?

DLA is currently not an accredited institution. However, each year we seek to partnership with online and local schools to give students options to accrue college credit during their time in DLA.

How often can students go home?

We will have designated weekends for students to travel home for vacation if they desire to do so. Please schedule any and all vacation plans around this weekend. Students may take time off for special circumstances (a death in the family, serious illness, or a wedding). These and additional time away dates should be planned and approved with a staff member well in advance when possible.

Can my student have a job outside of DLA?

Yes! 1st year students are permitted to work between 10-15 hours a week beginning in mid-October. They must get approval from DLA staff before accepting a job to ensure that it won’t interfere with the program. Before mid-October, students may pick up small odd jobs on their time off if they would like (ex: babysitting for a night, mowing lawns, etc.) Students in the program who are taking classes for credit outside of DLA are strongly advised to not add consistent work to their schedule.

If you have questions not addressed on this page please don’t hesitate to contact Kasie Massey: KMassey@newlifechurch.org

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