Our Four Schools

Attention prospect students and parents:

Considering enrolling in DLA? Join us for our preview week this spring!!! On May 24th-25th you're invited to experience life as DLA student for yourself. Our current students and staff will be your hosts and guides as you explore the possibilities. Contact Kasie Massey to reserve your spot today! KMassey@newlifechurch.org

Dear Young Leader,

College campuses, marketplaces, churches, and mission fields are starving for young people who possess character, talent, and authentic, influential leadership. Amongst the myriad of voices competing for your time and attention, consider spending 10 months being discipled and mentored to hear the voice of God and engage in a life changing adventure in Desperation Leadership Academy. Within DLA, you will be afforded the following opportunities:

  1. Receive dynamic teaching from local church and national pastors and communicators
  2. Serve (the backbone of leadership)
  3. Partner with God in prayer to see revival in your generation
  4. Lead within various departments of a large, thriving local church and student/young adult ministries

There is no player who ever made it to the championship game without sacrificial training and great coaches! So whether you are an aspiring worship leader, youth pastor, church planter, missionary, or you feel called to engage in the “secular" work field, DLA will provide the leadership and tools you need to thrive in your calling. We would be honored to receive your application.

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